We turned up without a booking after being left in the lurch by another company, immediately got a cheap reliable car, very friendly service, would definitely recommend!

W_Cameron, Australia
Really nice people, and cheap!

Andria Davis, United Kingdom
By far the cheapest I could find. For the price nothing to complain about.

Lena, Norway
Waived the drop off free. Great car. $40 per day.

Dave, England
When I first visited New Zealand, I rented a car from Alternative Rentals for a couple of days in order to explore the area north of Auckland.
The guys in the garage were very friendly, gave us a couple of maps and even allowed us to pick the keys up the night before we would take the vehicle, as we wanted to leave Auckland early in the morning (before the shop opened).

The car I rented wasn't particularly new, but it was in good condition and the rate they offered was better than several other places we tried. Overall the rental was low hassle and good value, so I'd recommend Alternative Rentals, particularly to backpackers.

Jacob W., Auckland